Have you ever thought about shopping in the most luxurious international brands from home ? Thanks to our remote shopping service, the doors of iconic brands remain virtually open for you! You can indulge yourself unlimitedly and with ease. Access the most beautiful luxury brands with the help of our special order service, our shopping assistants can find you the most exclusive pieces!

If you would like to buy an item that you like, know that you can use our online - special order service click here

If you've seen a photo of a product on Instagram or in a fashion magazine that you'd like to buy, our shopping assistants will find it for you.

Once we have sent you all the information in the article, you make a reservation request on our website via the special order section.

Our shopping assistants will always be happy to accompany you in order to satisfy your most exclusive requests.
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FC&FC invites you to try our EXCLUSIVE SHOPPING service that has been specially designed to satisfy the needs of our most sophisticated clients who appreciate exclusivity.  

You will plunge into the world of luxury and elegance of Paris boutiques where you can forget about everything and just enjoy your shopping.  

Our EXCLUSIVE SHOPPING service includes:

  • TAX FREE refund. We help non-EU residents to make a VAT refund. Forget about the endless waiting lines in the airports and department stores to get a Tax Refund! With FC&FC’s Exclusive Tax Free Service, you will not have to pay for the Tax: a 12% Tax rate will always be deduced from the total amount of your purchases made in any Paris store. The total sum of the purchase has to exceed 175,01€ even if each item costs less than 175,01€. All you have to do is to give us the sales slips.

  • TAX FREE shopping

3 ways to use FC&FC’s Tax Free service:


- 11% Tax Free rate, no additional fees 

- Pay for your purchases without the 11% Tax rate

- Our English-speaking assitant will be at your disposal during your shopping and will take care of the whole Tax Free procedure

- You will not have to pay for the Tax 


- 12% Tax Free rate, no additional fees  

- Do your shopping by yourself   

- Pay for your purchases  

- Our FC&FC assistant will take care of the whole Tax Free procedure  

- Your purchases will be delivered to you with no additional fees


- 12% Tax Free rate, no additional fees

-  Use our Tax Free service if you are planning to come to Paris soon

- Pre-order the products you wish through our online store fcandfc.com     

- FC&FC will make sure you get your purchases as soon as you arrive in Paris!

All receipts and invoices must be on behalf of SASU FC&FC (91 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris).  

*A 200€ deposit has to be paid for the direct assistance during your shopping. This amount will be refunded if you spend at least 3000€.

**You will receive a Tax Free form that you will have to validate at the PABLO kiosk at the airport before leaving Paris.

Conditions and procedure

To use our Tax Free service you have to:

- be a non European Union resident

- be over 16 years old

- stay in the EU for less than 6 months

- present your original passport

- spend over 175.01 in total